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 AASEA is an art and  music non-profit organization.  It is focused on science-based educational and children developmental research to advance art and music education. It is a trusted source for educators, researchers and families, an international academic exchange center, and a center for the promotion  of teaching methods and materials in art and music.   The Association’s goal is to bring the results from labs to the classroom

American Art & Science Educational Association

Try to understand how human body works to better improve art & music education. In the theory and practice of arts and music. It abides by an inclusive, diversified, rigorous, objective and independent-minded academicspirit, and it adheres to the principles of being a non-profit, practical, and all-win public welfare organization with an approach of a “Foundation + Institute“ dual operation mode. The Association has flexibly of independent research, collaborative research and funded research and it is committed to promoting a reform and development in art and science education, pursuing a better and ideal education through independent specialized studies and extensive public participation.