For Teacher: Teacher Training Programs (TTPs) affiliated by the American Art & Science Educational Association ​provide comprehensive courses of study that prepare the adult learners of today to be the highly skilled, highly qualified  AASEA teachers and leaders of tomorrow. The practicum component is a year-long internship (200 In Studio Hours) of student teaching that is guided by an experienced supervising teacher and an outside Montessori consultant. Those pursuing an administrator credential have a year-long internship that develops skills in school leadership. The importance of the practicum cannot be overstated.
AASEA issues  teaching credentials to successful graduates of AASEA-affiliated TTPs who hold a BA or BS degree (or higher). An associate credential for Piano, Music and Art performance of Early Childhood Education teacher is awarded to those who have completed high school but do not hold a college degree. The following credentials are awarded after graduation from an AASEA TTP:

Piano Method
  • GCC Piano For Young (Over All) Level 1-3
  • GCC Piano For Young (Over All) Level 4-6
  • GCC Piano For Young (Performance) Level 1-3
  • GCC Piano For Young (Performance) Level 4-6
  • GCC Piano For Junior (Over All) Age 7-10
  • GCC Piano For Junior (Performance) Age 7-10
  • GCC Piano For Tween (Over All) Age 10-14
  • GCC Piano For Tween (Performance) 10-14
  • GCC Piano For Teen (Over All) Age 14-18
  • GCC Piano For Teen (Performance) 14-18