Office Staff


TREASURER: Sarah J. Mortiz

CLARK: Chelsea Robin

Board Member

Board Member is an organization body of AASEA who jointly with AASEA Academic Member, together oversee the activities of AASEA. They are review and guild the organization activities. The determined the powers, duties, and responsibilities delegated to AASEA on it by an authority outside itself bylaw. AASEA board members duties are including: selecting, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the Presidents of AASEA; ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources; approving annual budgets;

 Organization Governor

Academic Committee ​

The Academic Committee formed by senior experts and well established organizations are an advisory body of the Association. It responsible for the academic projects planning, establishing academic rules, and reviewing external funded projects approval. These experts and organizations include some renowned and reputable scholars, educators, musicians, physicians and scientists. These senior experts are serving in a number of international academic institutions. They are undertaking many international research projects.

The Association has received positive feedback for its work efforts in various areas from sound, physical movements, memory.